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​Platform24 develops system support for cohesive digital care chains that facilitate increased accessibility, efficiency and medical security. We are the largest company in the Nordic region when it comes to automatic triage for directing patients to the right level of care and the right care unit, even in complex flows along the entire patient pathway. 
Our customers include healthcare regions, private care providers and insurance
companies. Platform24 is owned by Investor AB and Apoteket AB. We work closely with the leading digital care provider Doktor24, which is part of the same corporate group.


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Our business idea


Platform24’s business idea is to transform healthcare through accessible, efficient and secure digital patient pathways. Our solutions unite the patient, clinical and system
perspectives. Healthcare must be simple, accessible and secure for the patient. At the same time, healthcare professionals need solutions that automate work processes in an efficient and secure manner. 

Platform24’s model also makes it possible to increase accessibility and quality in a cost-effective manner by ensuring that the patient can quickly receive the right care at the right level, in accordance with the “LEON” (lowest effective care level) principle. Our solution is an off-the-shelf (i.e. ready-to-use) solution that is also flexible for easy adaptation to changing needs.
Platform24 holds a leading position within AI and smart automation in Swedish
healthcare. Our solutions often attract coverage in industry media, and in 2018 we were recognised, together with our sister company Doktor24, as recipients of the major IT in Healthcare Award.

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