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Platform24 builds Region Gävleborg's integrated digital healthcare service

After a year of competitive dialogue procurement, it has been decided that Platform24 will be commissioned to deliver a technical platform for a digiphysical healthcare pathway solution throughout the entire region. The solution enables a digitally integrated patient pathway, where residents will have the opportunity to have a digital contact with the entire region's range of primary, specialist and dental care in a continuous pathway solution. Through the digital platform, residents can answer questions about their symptoms and then be referred to the appropriate care provider; either in digital meetings such as chat or video calls, or for a physical care meeting. If the problems are mild, you can instead get advice on self-care.

Establishing digital healthcare meetings is a complement to today's healthcare offering, and one of the solutions to meet future healthcare needs. We look forward to creating a seamless flow online for triage, chat, video, lab and form services for both first-line care, second-line care and our chronic care, and in this way be more accessible to the citizens of the region 

Simon Nilsson

Development Manager, Region Gävleborg

Alex Jaranka

Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Capio Närsjukvård AB

In a down-to-earth way and with a high level of competence, Platform24 has delivered customisable functions in their dynamic platform, with a triage solution and direct integration with systems containing patient medical records. The platform’s simplicity and user-friendliness makes it attractive for both the care provider and the patient.

Insurance company

“After slightly more than six months with Platform24, we have had more than 16,000 visits on the platform and have dealt with 1,160 e-visits. This work method has increased our level of accessibility and has made things much easier for our patients, as reflected in the many positive comments we have received. It is also a convenient method for patient feedback in relation to test results and surveys, which we use a lot.”

Rasmus Israelsson

Co-owner and specialist physician, Familjeläkarna Mitt AB

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