Sustainable and accessible

healthcare is possible

The healthcare system is in need of responsible transformation and smart
streamlining. A central digital gateway to healthcare reduces the strain on the
healthcare system and provides increased accessibility. An intact patient pathway
allows more time for what is really valuable.


A digi-physical patient pathway facilitates sustainable and accessible healthcare

An efficient digi-physical care chain

Platform24 develops solutions for support for efficient digi-physical patient pathways. Our tools can be easily adapted to suit your particular organisation and include solutions for automatic medical history presentation and triage, digital healthcare consultations, scheduling for physical visits, and preventive healthcare.
The patient can begin their healthcare journey digitally, 24/7/365.
A chat-based healthcare guide automatically triages the patient to the right level of care.
The patient can receive self-care advice, meet a physician digitally via chat or video, schedule an appointment at a physical clinic, or contact the emergency services (112) if necessary.
The information in the chat is transformed into a medical history and accompanies the patient throughout their healthcare pathway.

In a down-to-earth way and with a high level of competence, Platform24 has delivered customisable functions in their dynamic platform, with a triage solution and direct integration with systems containing patient medical records. The platform’s simplicity and user-friendliness makes it attractive for both the care provider and the patient.

Alex Jaranka

Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Capio Närsjukvård AB

Who are we?

Platform24 is a health tech company that develops platforms for digitally integrated care. The company is the largest in the Nordic region when it comes to automatic triage for the right level of care, even in complex flows and along the entire patient pathway.
Platform24 is owned by Investor AB and Apoteket AB. We work closely with the leading digital care provider Doktor24, which is part of the same corporate group.

See a demo of “Digitalen” - a digital solution we have developed for Region Norrbotten

See a demo of Platform24’s central digital gateway and corona clinic, which is currently being implemented in a growing number of regions.

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